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11:00 - 11:08
Oral Presentation
Investigating the Determinants of Low Deceased Brain Death Organ Donation Consent Rates in Saudi Arabia
Dr. Malligere Prasanna
11:10 - 11:15
Oral Presentation
Knowledge, Attitude and Cultural Views of Intensive Care Unit Nurses in Organ Donation and Transplantation: a Survey From Tertiary Care Hospitals in United Arab Emirates
Dr. Malligere Prasanna
11:17 - 11:22
Mini Oral Presentation
In-Hospital Organ Donation Unit
Mr. Hisham Jameel AbouAlloul
11:24 - 11:29
Mini Oral Presentation
How to Increase the Use of Organs From Deceased Donors With Cns Tumours?
Dr. Reginaldo Carlos Boni
11:31 - 11:36
Mini Oral Presentation
Sailing Uncharted Waters a Case Series on Stress Cardiomyopathy in Liver Transplantation-insights From Clinical Experience
Dr. Gawtham Krishna
11:38 - 11:43
Mini Oral Presentation
Challenges Faced in a Covid 19 Positive Donor Management and the Success of Heart Transplantation
Dr. Hala Abuzeid
11:45 - 11:50
Mini Oral Presentation (VIRTUAL)
Single Center Experience of Abo-incompatible Pediatric Heart Transplantation in Middle East
Dr. Dimpna Calila Albert-Brotons
11:52 - 12:00
Oral Presentation
Gender Driven Living Kidney Donation and Transplantation in Punjab, Pakistan
Dr. Raja Sajjad
12:02 - 12:07
Mini Oral Presentation
Kidney First Retrieval - a Viable Approach for Emerging Transplant Centers
Dr. Sanjay P Kolte
12:09 - 12:17
Oral Presentation
Initiation of a Viable Successful Robotic Renal Transplant Program: Tips and Tricks
Dr. Anu Ramesh
12:19 - 12:24
Mini Oral Presentation
When Two is Better Than One. Tale of Two Extremes in Kidney Transplant
Dr. Salwa Alremeithi
12:25 - 12:33
Mini Oral Presentation
A Comprehensive Model for Organ Donation and Transplantation
Dr. Lijamol Joseph
11:00 - 11:08
Oral Presentation
Exploring Institutional Level Barriers and Facilitators in the Process of Deceased Organ Donation in India: a Qualitative Research Using Key-informant Interviews
Dr. Britzer Paul Vincent
11:10 - 11:18
Oral Presentation
Intervention Strategies in Optimizing the Donor Detection and Referral: an Experience-based Review of the Referral Performance of a Tertiary Facility in Al Ain Region, Uae
Ms. Jocelyn Torres Gundan
11:20 - 11:25
Mini Oral Presentation
Strategies to Increase Organ Donation Rates in a Tertiary Care Hospital in UAE
Ms. Ananthanayagi Purushothaman
11:27 - 11:35
Oral Presentation
Development of a Deceased Organ Procurement, Donation, and Transplantation Programme in Jamaica
Dr. Adedamola Soyibo
11:37 - 11:42
Mini Oral Presentation
Unusual Challenges During Diagnosis of Death by Neurological Criteria: a Case Report
Dr. Sukhen Samanta
11:44 - 11:49
Mini Oral Presentation
Family Approach to Organ Donation
Dr. Muththamizhselvi
11:51 - 11:56
Mini Oral Presentation
Organ Donor Family Experience in United Arab Emirates
Dr. Rana Aladhami
11:58 - 12:03
Mini Oral Presentation
Questionnaire on Brain Death and Organ Procurement
Dr. Hikmat Hammad Saleh
12:05 - 12:13
Oral Presentation
Crime Script Analysis of Illegal Organ Transplant Activities in Punjab - Pakistan
Dr. Muhammad Shahzad Anwar
12:15 - 12: 20
Mini Oral Presentation
Barriers and Facilitators of Deceased Organ Donation Among Muslims Living Globally: an Integrative Systematic Review Using Narrative Synthesis
Dr. Asmaa Al-Abdulghani
12:22 - 12:27
Mini Oral Presentation
A Pilot Study to Assess the Impact of an Educational Intervention on Nursing Attitudes Towards Organ Donor Advocacy in the United Arab Emirates Using the Floden ‘attitudes Towards Organ Donor Advocacy Instrument’ (Atodal)
Dr. Michelle Kigozi
12:28- 12:36
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Late Organ Procurement as Much as 30 Days After Brain Death
Dr. Haamid Siddique